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Xignite Introduces a New Charting Data Solution: SuperBars

Nov 01, 2022 By Scott Argyres Categories - Product Updates

We are pleased to announce the launch of SuperBars (aka SuperQuotes.GetChartBars). This new API offers a single endpoint for all of your charting data needs, combining real-time, delayed, and historical sources into a single chart. Built with performance and scalability top-of-mind, SuperQuotes.GetChartBars is the industry's first multi-source charting data solution. 

Creating stock charts that combine the accuracy of real-time data, with the completeness of the US consolidated feed, and accurately adjusted historical data can be a challenge as this data needs to be aggregated from multiple sources. For instance, you may be able to use an exchange proprietary feed to reduce your data costs, but such feed will provide you with substandard data for anything that is not real-time. You can solve that problem by integrating a consolidated delayed feed, but that will not help you ensure that older data is properly adjusted for corporate actions and other events.

SuperBars solves this problem by aggregating all those data sources into a single call. Using SuperBars, you can power the best quality charts in your applications while minimizing the expensive per-user exchange fees associated with consolidated real-time data. Whether your chart requires second-level granularity for the past week, or official EOD prices for the past 20+ years, SuperBars is your one-stop-shop for accurate charting data.

Methodology matters. With SuperBars, chart bars are adjusted for major corporate action types and price history is linked for all common listing events (symbol change, moving exchanges, spin-off, etc). Consolidated (and official EOD) data is prioritized to ensure accurate charts, even for the most illiquid securities.

The lightweight footprint offered by our cloud-native REST APIs means instead of maintaining three independent data pipelines (for real-time unconsolidated, 15 min delayed consolidated, and official EOD data), customers can now call a single endpoint which guarantees the best quality chart regardless of input granularity/period.

The chart displays the output of a SuperBars API call shows how two sets of bars are collated in the output of a single call.

Supported sources:

If you are interested in adding SuperBars to your subscription, please contact to speak with your CSM.

Scott Ayrges

Scott Argyres

Vice President -Support, Presales, Data Quality

Scott Aryges is no stranger to financial data, and has helped Xignite build its teams for Technical Support, Pre-Sales, and most recently, Data Quality. Prior to joining Xignite, Scott worked at PIMCO, specializing in fund-related data and statistics. 

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