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Request Demo - Derivative and Commodity Future Data

Request Demo - Derivative and Commodity Future Data

If you are a developer looking to deliver real time stock quotes for U.S. equities traded on BATS Exchange (Cboe) to your digital assets, such as websites and apps our XigniteBATSRealTime API is for you. Unfortunately due to licensing agreements with  the BATs exchange we cannot offer a free trial of this API. We would be happy to give you a live demo of the product though.


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Simply put, when we compared Xignite’s cloud-based model with others we found it to be more reliable, cheaper, and perhaps most importantly, simple to implement. It’s hard to imagine making it any easier to incorporate market data in an application.

Mazin Jadallah, Founder and CEO

Mazin-Jadallah-Founder -AlphaClone