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Financial Data Transparency, Control, and Optimization for Financial Institutions

Let Xignite help you optimize your data spend by intelligently analyzing usage and consumption patterns and eliminating duplicate data requests—such as those generated against Bloomberg Data License. The Xignite Market Data Cloud is a cloud-based, managed platform that gives you full transparency of the reference and market data distributed across your firm.

Track, Optimize and Allocate Usage and Costs

Our Market Data Cloud solution centralizes and catalogs first-level real-time and reference data licensed from vendors or even your internal data. Every data request is entitled and tracked so that you can more easily understand your costs and allocate them accordingly.

Hosted in the Amazon Web Services public cloud, our platform solution delivers a high level of scalability and security at the lowest cost for your most mission-critical applications.

Xignite Market Data Cloud Overview

Xignite’s Market Data Cloud platform consists of several robust, highly-scalable, hosted service layers designed to help you control the distribution of your first-level data, and does not require any hardware or software so you can deploy it in a matter of days.

  • Open APIs expose your financial data to digital channels via easy to use RESTful interfaces.
  • Emulated Interfaces mimic your existing legacy interfaces to optimize data spend without altering legacy systems.
  • System Services include all core tracking, management and reporting components.
  • Data Services optimize the management of four main data types: master, real-time, historical, and fundamental.
  • Collection Services use native connectors to on-board data from sources such as Bloomberg and other vendors.


Download our Market Data Cloud Quick Reference Guide


Xignite has won numerous awards for our Market Data Cloud platform.

Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards (Best Cloud Solution)

Inside Reference Data (Best Enterprise Data Management Initiative)

FTF News Technology Innovation Awards (Best Cloud Provider)

American Financial Technology Awards (Best Cloud Initiative)