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Multiple Data Delivery Choices

We offer several options for the delivery of Xignite market data.

Cloud APIs
Free yourself from the constraints of hardware and software so that you can create, deliver, and scale your applications globally. Xignite’s Cloud APIs are the world’s largest and most popular collection of high performance cloud-native APIs for sourcing, managing, and integrating real-time and reference data data into any application. Our REST APIs support all industry-standard protocols and formats such as REST, XML, and JSON. Browse our Catalog of 45 APIs

CloudStreaming is ideal for users who want to stream real-time or delayed market data directly to client apps but do not want to spend the time or money to build out and manage a scalable production infrastructure. To optimize network usage, CloudStreaming streams only field values that have changed on each transmission. You can stream quote and trade data fields (e.g., Open, High, Low, Close, Last, Bid, Ask) from our XigniteGlobalRealTimeXigniteGlobalQuotes, and XigniteGlobalCurrencies APIs. Request a Free Trial of CloudStreaming 

If you are building an app and want to create triggered alerts that can notify your users by SMS, email or screen alert, but don’t want to deal with polling and the heavy processing power required – XigniteAlerts is the answer. XigniteAlerts provides exception-based alerting for market events, including equity quotes, volume and 52 week high/low breakouts. When configuring an alert, you can define which Xignite API CloudAlerts should call to notify you of the triggered event. Request a Free Trial of CloudAlerts

You can easily display stock quotes, forex data, economic news or events on an investor or media website or brokerage paltform with our HTML5 powered Xignite CloudWidgets.  Powered and designed by ChartIQ, XigniteWidgets allow you to quickly  display beautiful, dynamic charts, Xignite offers four financial widget solutions that each come pre-packaged with equities or forex data.Xignite offers four financial widgets MarketX, InvestorX, ChartX and CalenderX.

If you require bulk data sets, such as daily historical end of day or reference data, we offer file delivery. Daily CloudFiles are available in predefined data sets or customized for the data you need. We offer five different CloudFiles choices. Browse our CloudFiles Solutions

If you require large data sets to conduct  in-depth quantitative research and analysis, XigniteTicks is the solution. You can define the historical date ranges for the data that you want and even schedule a nightly recurring request to receive all trades and quotes for the prior day for an exchange. In addition, you can pinpoint the specific instruments and data fields of interest.