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New .NET and Java SDKs for Financial Market Data APIs

Here at Xignite, we know how time-consuming (frustrating, or even intimidating!) it can be for anyone to read through pages and pages of documentation while working with something new to build a solution. That’s why, at the end of the day, our goal is to make accessing financial market data as easy as possible for our customers.

As of today we are releasing our .NET SDK and Java SDK which we hope will make it even easier for people to call our APIs for financial market data. Each SDK comes with support for all our public APIs (over 40!). It also includes all the classes, enums and inline documentation for each one so you’ll never feel lost (for all you intellisense lovers out there).

For a quick overview of the SDKs themselves, head on over to their respective pages:

Please visit the respective SDK pages for information specific to each. In general, they all support:

  1. Making RESTful calls to our webservices
  2. Handling authentication
  3. Supporting Synchronous and Asynchronous calls (Asynchronous is .NET only)

There are still features we want to add, and possibly more languages planned (For all you Python, Ruby and PHP fans…stay tuned). So if you have any suggestions or issues to report, please email sdk@xignite.com.


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