Reference Microservice

Deliver Trusted Data Across the Enterprise via Single Access Layer

Xignite Reference Microservice is a cloud-native solution that enables you to aggregate, normalize, and store reference data, from multiple vendors, into a centralized repository and access layer providing centralized data access across the entire enterprise, and improving data consistency, completeness and timeliness.


Improve Data Consistency

Improve the consistency, completeness, quality, coverage and timeliness of your data.

Full Data Lineage Support

Support full data lineage on different reference data points with extensible entity and security hierarchy and flexible data model.

Easy Data On Boarding

Easily on board new data sets from any vendor.

Common Architecture

Deploy a common architecture supporting unified API data consumption across different asset classes.

Reduce Operational Risk

Reduce operational risk to critical business systems and users.

Simple Cloud APIs

Power applications, including spreadsheets and mobile apps, using a suite of simple easy-to-use cloud APIs.

Standardized Data Connectors

Xignite Microservices are vendor-agnostic and can bring transformative results to any data set you license or collect. Today we have standardized data connectors for the Reference Microservice to these vendors. We also can quickly build data-driven feed handlers to additional data vendors or directly to exchanges.


Xignite Reference Microservice aggregates reference data from multiple vendors.

  • Global Asset Class Support

    Supports global instruments across any asset class. 

  • Flexible Entity Model

    Flexible entity model with support for all industry standard identifiers (CUSIP, ISIN, Symbol, FIGIs etc), generic descriptors and a unique Timeline ID feature.

  • Extensible Entity Hierarchies and Relationships

    Rich entity hierarchy and relationship structure for ingesting, storing and distributing any type of reference data.

  • Configurable Data Consumption Rules

    Configurable data ingestion engine supporting custom rules on source priority.

  • Point in Time Reference Data

    Point in time snapshot of your reference data with complete data lineage.

  • Data Quality APIs and Tools

    Built-in data quality APIs and tools to proactively identify, monitor and correct inaccurate data.

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