Historical Microservice

Integrate Historical Data from Multiple Sources

Xignite Historical Microservice is a cloud-native time-series data management solution that enables financial services firms to capture historical data from different sources and integrate with security master and corporate actions data to provide a fully normalized, stitched and adjusted historical data view via REST APIs.


Normalize Historical Data

Normalize historical data across disparate sources into an integrated, point-in-time structured time-series view.

Provide Adjusted Data Sets

Provide a fully stitched and corporate action adjusted data set to power your applications and analytics. 

Improve Data Quality

Automate data acquisition and increase confidence in data quality.

Reduce Operational Risk

Reduce operational risk to critical business systems and users.

Streamline Compliance

Pass regulatory compliance requirements while driving operational efficiencies.

Simple Cloud APIs

Power applications, including spreadsheets and mobile apps, using a suite of simple easy-to-use cloud APIs.

Standardized Data Connectors

Xignite Microservices are vendor-agnostic and can bring transformative results to any dataset you license or collect. Today we have standardized data connectors for the Historical Microservice to these vendors.


Xignite's Historical Microservice enables you to capture and integrate historical data from different sources for an adjusted historical data view.

  • Snapshots of Intra-Day Data

    Snapshot capabilities from multiple sources for intra-day and EOD data.

  • Multi-Identifier Support

    Support for active or inactive securities idenitfiers (CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL, FIGI, etc.)

  • Complex Corporate Actions

    Automatic stitching across price information for complex corporate actions.

  • Adjusted Intra-day Bars

    Historical adjusted intra-day bars of different summarization granularity or tick data


  • Low Latency Quotes

    Reliable delivery of quotes with low latency and optimized to deliver high throughput at the lowest total cost.

  • Deploy in AWS

    Multi-asset class support on a single platform optimized for storage and performance available for deployment in your own AWS account or as a managed service with fully integrated system monitoring

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