Fundamentals Microservice

Create, Manage and Disseminate Complex Time-Series Data

Xignite Fundamentals Microservice is a cloud-native data management solution that lets financial services firms capture simple or complex time-series data structures, associated with an entity such as a regional level security or issuer, and make them available via specialized and highly scalable REST APIs.


Centralize Fundamentals Data

Centralize fundamentals data across disparate sources.

Full Data Lineage Support

Support full data lineage on different fundamental data types with extensible entity and security hierarchy and flexible model.

Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate time to market for any new applications by integrating all entitlement and usage reporting functionality.

Eliminate On-Premise Infrastructure

Eliminate expensive and redundant on-premise infrastructure and reduce operational overhead.

Standardized Data Connectors

Xignite Microservices are vendor-agnostic and can bring transformative results to any data set you license or collect. Today we have standardized data connectors for the Fundamentals Microservice to these vendors.


Xignite Fundamentals Microservice provides simple or complex time-series data structures via Cloud APIs.

  • Global Issuer Support

    Global issuer-level (e.g. company) and security-level (e.g. fund) fundamental support.

  • Easily onboard new data sets from any Vendor

    Flexible data model enables you to on-board easily of any type of fundamentals data, including time series.

  • Supports Custom Analytics

    Sophisticated compute engine supports custom analytics leveraging other data points.

  • Optimized Storage

    Optimized storage, caching and distribution layer - using all cloud native technologies.

  • Complete Data Lineage

    Support full data lineage on different reference data points with extensible entity and security hierarchy and flexible data model.

  • Transparency of Data Access and Usage

    Integrate easily with Entitlements and Usage Microservice to provide complete transparency on data access and usage.

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