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EOD and Historical Stock Prices API

Request a free trial of the Xignite Global Historical API*. This API offers historical stock prices for equities traded on more than 80 global exchanges. In addition to closing prices, the API supports open, high, low, volume, VWAP, TWAP, and other market statistics going back to 1/1/1994 for US exchanges and 1/1/2000 for most international exchanges. The API also provides automatic identifier stitching for identifier changes resulting from corporate action events such as symbol or CUSIP changes. This API lets you request corporate action adjusted historical prices for events such as splits, cash dividends, stock distributions, bonus shares, scrips and spinoffs.

Key Features

  • Historical stock data from 1/1/1994 for US equities and ETFs and 1/1/2000 for most international exchanges.
  • Historical prices as a time series output or point in time snapshot.
  • Historical intraday data summarized quote bars across multiple days.
  • Automatic adjustments for splits, cash dividends (ordinary and extraordinary), spinoffs, bonus shares, scrips and stock distributions (same or different class shares).
  • Automatic identifier stitching for corporate action events such as symbol or ticker changes, CUSIP changes on reverse splits, mergers and acquisitions resulting in one to one instrument transformations, stock listing moving from one exchange to another.
  • Historical prices searchable via older identifiers and known active dates.
  • Support retrieving historical prices for de-listed or inactive securities
  • Corporate action history for splits and cash dividends.

* This trial will provide 2000 hits with access to global exchanges that do not require additional exchange licensing. Contact sales@xignite.com for assistance.

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We investigated a number of market data providers. We chose Xignite based on a number of factors including ease of integration, comprehensive data coverage, and the price.

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