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Global Delayed Derivative and Commodity Future Price Quotes API

Request a free trial of the Xignite Global Futures API which offers delayed commodity futures price quotes from major global commodity exchanges such as CME, NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT, Eurex and others. In addition to commodity futures price quotes, the API also provides options, spot prices, and contract termination schedules for contracts written on over 300 underlying assets.

Key Features

  • Support for major global derivatives and commodities exchanges
  • Major commodities supported (energy, agriculture, metals, indices, etc.)
  • Lookup active exchanges and futures by exchange or category
  • Automatic front-month calculations and lookups
  • Future termination schedules
  • Get future quote for front month, specific contract, top contracts
  • NYMEX Swaps
  • Delayed and historical spot quotes available where applicable
  • Historical quotes by specific contract or commodity (e.g. historical price of crude oil)
  • Historical daily or monthly quotes
  • Future quote by session (pit session vs Globex session where applicable)
  • Ability to provide future and option chain lookups.
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We found Xignite's APIs to be very easy to work with and implement, offering multiple data formats. We've also discovered that as StockTwits expands internationally, Xignite's broad global coverage means that adding international market data is a simple and straightforward proposition."

Chris Corriveau, CTO

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