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Whether it is real-time foreign exchange rates, historical currency exchange data, or a currency converter widget, we’ve got you covered. We also provide London historical foreign exchange rates, forward contract rates, and bar/tick-level currency data.

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Minimize the your developmental time-to-market with our online documentation, FAQs, and dynamically-generated sample code. We also offer a usage analytic dashboard to help you understand your current usage, and a no-risk 7-day free trial to try before you buy.

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To help process the millions of API requests per hour, Xignite uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. The infrastructure provided by AWS allows Xignite to effectively and dynamically scale its delivery of real-time financial information while optimizing computing and network resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data and Sources

Historical exchange rates are available each day at 00:10 AM GMT (12:10 AM London Time) for the previous day. We time stamp each rate at 23:59:59 GMT to allow for consistent comparisons or reverse rate conversions. 
Our real-time data is updated in true real-time as new quotes are issued by market participants.
Our spot exchange rates come from Morningstar and SIX Financial Information. Xignite combines multiple high quality sources to provide high levels of liquidity, coverage and redundancy as the rates fare obtained from a broad base of trading desks in the world’s largest banks, brokers and forex marketplaces.
Highs and lows are calculated as the highest and lowest values for the mid-rate from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 London Time.
Our API uptime is at least 99.9%.  You can view our current and historical availability here.

API Product Features

Xignite receives direct exchange rates for most currency pairs. If an exchange rate is not available for a currency pair, we calculate it by “crossing” it through a major currency.
Yes. The ConvertRealTimeValue operation of the XigniteGlobalCurrencies API converts a value from one currency to another in real-time.
This is a configurable setting and you can choose if you want Bid, Ask, or Mid to be used in the output.

Plans Pricing

No. we only offer annual subscriptions. We can arrange for quarterly pricing for $XX fee.
If you exceed your monthly hit allowance once or twice a year, you will not be blocked or charged extra. If you consistently exceed your monthly limit we will suggest you upgrade to a larger volume plan option.
Our pricing is based on your API calls per month and the number of hits each request consumes.  For example, a request for a single currency rate may consume one hit but a single request for 100 rates will consume 100 hits.
A subscription to XigniteGlobalCurrencies requires a one-time signup fee.

Free Trial

We use an API Token for authentication instead of an email or IP address. API tokens are passed in the _Token field of any GET request or Username field of any SOAP code. To access or add an API Token log into My Account
Your trial hits automatically expire 7 days after registration.  You can also cancel your trial at any time by sending an email to
You can check your remaining hits from My Account, under "Check My Free Trial Status", or "Check My Subscription Status" for paying subscribers.




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