API Authentication

Our currency APIs return data in XML, JSON or CSV formats and can be accessed with a simple web request over HTTP. We support both REST and SOAP.

Every API request must be authenticated with a security token that will be provided when you create an account.

To include your token in a REST call, simply add a _token parameter:

SOAP developers can get our WSDL from http://globalcurrencies.xignite.com/xGlobalCurrencies.asmx?wsdl. To include your token in a SOAP call, simply add the appropriate header value:
// C#
var objGlobalCurrenciesService = new RemoteGlobalCurrencies.XigniteGlobalCurrencies();

/// add authentication info
objGlobalCurrenciesService.HeaderValue = new RemoteGlobalCurrencies.Header
	Username = "[YOUR_TOKEN]"

For additional security, we support HTTPS encryption for all our APIs. To use HTTPS, simply change the protocol of your request:

Browse more API specific sample code and output documentation with our API test form.

Example Requests

After you have your security token, you can directly call our API inside your browser or via curl with the URL:

Request formats

You can specify how the data is returned from the API by specifying the format in the extension of your request URL:




Example Responses


	"Outcome": "Success",
	"Message": null,
	"Identity": "Request",
	"Delay": 0.0346463,
	"BaseCurrency": "EUR",
	"QuoteCurrency": "USD",
	"Symbol": "EURUSD",
	"Date": "12/16/2013",
	"Time": "9:50:10 PM",
	"QuoteType": "Calculated",
	"Bid": 1.37607,
	"Mid": 1.37632,
	"Ask": 1.37657,
	"Spread": 0.0005,
	"Text": "1 European Union euro = 1.37632 United States dollars",
	"Source": "SIX Financial Information"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<Time>9:54:10 PM</Time>
	<Text>1 European Union euro = 1.37637 United States dollars</Text>
	<Source>SIX Financial Information</Source>


Success,,Request,0.006133,EUR,USD,EURUSD,12/16/2013,9:54:10 PM,Calculated,1.37627,1.37637,1.37647,0.0002,1 European Union euro = 1.37637 United States dollars,SIX Financial Information

Getting Started

The XigniteGlobalCurrencies APIs support REST and SOAP and have been designed for ease of use. In addition to the example API documentation below, you can try live API calls with our free trial. There are just a few things you need to know before you started.

To make an API request you’ll need to:

  1. Sign up for an account

  2. Get your API token
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  3. Test your API call
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