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What are the requirements to become a Vendor of Record?

As a Vendor of Record service, Xignite needs to control who receives data and ensure that the Subscriber-only uses data for display and internal use-case. We also are required to provide an audit trail of all redistributed data. Our Vendor of Record service utilizes Xignite’s cloud-native Entitlements and Usage Microservices, allowing us to provide complete control and transparency of data consumption and usage.

Vendor of Record service clients must install Xignite’s Gateway client software on each end-user desktop or laptop. This application monitors the type and volume of individual data requests and allows us to enforce entitlement restrictions to ensure exchange compliance.

For Xignite to become a Vendor of Record for your application, the following are key requirements:

  • Application displaying the real-time data is a Windows (version 7 and up) based enterprise application with Professional only users
  • Data is used only for Internal and display only use case 
  • The application displaying the real-time data from Xignite is Integrated with Xignite Gateway client software (required for exchange compliance)

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