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What are exchange fees?

If you are building a website or application that requires real-time or delayed exchange data you may be subject to agreements and fees. This issue is complex and changes on a regular basis and there are lots of exceptions. Learn More Guide to Understanding Exchange Agreements.

Maneuvering through the maze of required compliance policies, entitlements, usage tracking, and reporting requirements that the exchanges require to display real-time or delayed market data is not an easy feat. It can be a major pain and distraction from your true business. 

Xignite offers a Vendor of Record service for clients subscribing to real-time and delayed market data. The service vastly simplifies the administration and reporting required by the exchanges and eliminates the need to pay redistribution fees, potentially saving clients thousands of dollars a month.

Broadly speaking, the exchanges have multiple parts to the fees: 

1) Redistribution fees — right to redistribute data to end-users. 

2) Subscriber Fees (aka End User fees) - linked to the number of users the data is being redistributed. 

Xignite VoR service may be able to help entirely eliminate (1) redistribution fees in addition to helping with the administrative process on (2) End-user fees reporting.

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