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Microsoft® Excel Add-In for Market Data

Request a demo of Xignite's CloudAddIn API, a Microsoft® Excel Add-In solution that lets analysts, portfolio managers and other Excel users access financial market data directly into spreadsheets by simply calling Excel functions. You can request real-time, historical or fundamental data across different asset class (Equities, Fixed Income, FX, etc) in to existing or new financial models without a need to learn a new paradigm.

Xignite CloudAddIn completely eliminates the need to store or manipulate data on customer site and allows instant data access with the flexibility to refresh (or stream) as desired.

Key Features

  • Allows easy download of real-time, historical or fundamental data across multiple asset classes directly in to Microsoft Excel.
  • Same paradigm as Microsoft Excel function - easy integration and no need to learn a new tool.
  • Supports all data types available through Xignite Market Data APIs, ranging from historical time series to streaming real-time data.
  • Direct in-spreadsheet updates of streaming real-time data without the need for any infrastructure
  • Easy installation with single click deployment and automatic updates.
  • Integrated documentation on APIs and input arguments available through standard Excel function argument window.
  • Turnkey solution with flexibility to turn on different data APIs with minimal configuration.
Xignite CloudAddin API
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Xignite is a great solution for those looking to expand their data reach. We love them because they have a simple to use API and their pricing is very reasonable, given the quality of the data.

Morgan Downey

Morgan Downey, CEO, Money.net