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Showing Actuals vs Estimates Has Never Been Easier

Jun 30, 2022 By Katya Obyedkova Categories - Product Updates

We recently introduced a major enhancement to XigniteFactSetEstimates that dramatically simplifies the experience of retrieving and displaying actual data to investors. Showing disparities between estimates and actuals is an insightful part of the experience you can provide clients on your platform and can help lead your clients to use your platform as their finance destination of choice.

This enhancement consists of several new Actual and Target Price endpoints.

The four new Actual endpoints make it much easier for the developer to  retrieve actual earning, PE, Sales or dividend data. Prior to this enhancement, developers had to make multiple complex API calls in order to retrieve what they were looking for and display it side-by-side with the corresponding estimates. Now, plotting a chart below like the one below is intuitive and requires fewer API calls. One year of historical actual data is available so that you can display this data on your charts as well.

The four new Actual end points are:

The three new Target Price endpoints provide easy access to additional target price statistics such as high, low, median, and standard deviation. For example, smaller standard deviation indicates greater consensus. It can be an informative tool to help your clients and users assess target price accuracy.

We hope you find these new endpoints useful in helping you design and implement the most unique experience for your users and clients.

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Katya Obyedkova

Product Manager

Katya leads product efforts for Xignite's Fundamental Solutions. Prior to joining Xignite Katya worked on a startup, Moka, where she developed alternative data dashboards for retail investors. Katya's passion lies at the intersection of Financial Markets Data and Natural Language Processing.

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