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Knowledge Is Power: Guidance and Insight from Xignite Clients Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Apr 20, 2020 By Kerry Langstaff Categories - Client News, Industry Trends

Xigite Clients offer helpful tips during COVID-19

At Xignite, we are proud to work with hundreds of fintech and financial firms that serve their clients and communities in countless ways. Our clients offer not only amazing products and services, but also thought leadership, market analysis, helpful tips and much more.

The current moment is no exception. The coronavirus crisis has upended every corner of every industry, including financial services, and while there are issues at play that go beyond the bottom line, many investors are now scrambling as they attempt to make sense of high volatility and slumping markets as well as the potential long-term implications. Fortunately, our clients have been hard at work providing guidance, insight and support to a world that badly needs it. Below, you’ll find just a few examples.

BettermentMarket turmoil has influenced many people to take a hard look at their investment strategies. In a recent article, Adam Grealish, Director of Investing at money management platform and roboadvisor Betterment, gives an overview of how infectious disease outbreaks from history have affected the markets and encourages investors to reduce portfolio risk and read the news with a discerning eye.

BlackRock – BlackRock is one of the biggest firms out there, and their response to the coronavirus crisis has been proportionate. The firm has committed $50 million to relief efforts, benefiting charities like Feeding America and the Robin Hood Foundation in the US and the National Emergencies Trust in the UK. They have also committed to supporting local food banks around the globe.

EllevestManaging your physical health is obviously the top priority, but Rachel Sanborn Lawrence, Director of Advisory Services at roboadvisor Ellevest, argues that this is also a good time to turn an eye toward your financial health. She provides tips on emergency savings, loan refinancing, investing in yourself and staying sane during a turbulent time for the markets.

MoneyfarmWith markets declining sharply over the past six weeks, many investors are considering moving into cash and withdrawing from the markets altogether. By examining different scenarios, wealth management platform Moneyfarm argues that missing out on recoveries can be very costly for long-term investors, suggesting that a wait-and-see approach may be the best move.

MyWallStreet – It’s the question on everyone’s mind: are we in a recession? Jamie Adams, a staff blogger for fintech MyWallStreet, examines this question, concluding that while the coronavirus relief package that passed in March may stave off problems in the short term, it may not be enough to turn the tide.

Personal CapitalA bear market can be difficult to navigate, both financially and for your psyche. The team at wealth management platform Personal Capital outlines some helpful tips for making sense of this new normal, from focusing on long-term goals and building your savings to keeping perspective and practicing self-care.

SoFiWith unemployment surging, people around the world are taking a hard look at their expenses and devising plans to keep their heads above water in the weeks and months ahead. Personal finance giant SoFi is assisting with this process by answering questions on payment deferral and student loan refinancing, as well as offering free virtual appointments with financial planners.

WealthFront – Many concerned investors have reached out to roboadvisor Wealthfront with concerns about how to adjust their investment strategies in light of the crisis, and the advice from co-founder and CEO Andy Rachleff is very simple: do nothing. By examining history, he explains the power of long-term investing.

WealthSimple – Taxes, benefits, deferrals, relief – Canada has taken many measures to provide financial relief to its citizens, and it’s enough to make one’s head spin. In a recent blog post, wealth management platform WealthSimple attempts to cut through the noise and lay out exactly what each one means for different stakeholders so that you can make the most of the government’s aggressive response.


Kerry Langstaff

Kerry Langstaff

Chief Marketing Officer

Kerry Langstaff spearheads marketing and partnership efforts at Xignite. She is passionate about driving fintech innovation and has spoken at numerous fintech events around the world. 

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