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Greenwich Analyst Says Real-Time Data in the Cloud is Real

Apr 16, 2020 By Kerry Langstaff Categories - Industry Trends

Greenwich Associates

In a recent blog post by Dan Connell of Greenwich Associates, he disputes the myth that the cloud is not suited to handling real-time market data. Pulling data from a recent Xignite white paper, Connell says that with real-time data, latency is key, and the extra “hops” needed to get into and out of a cloud environment have been viewed as non-starters. But the reality is that very few firms compete on latency. The majority now feel they are “fast enough”, with a very small number of electronic market makers making money based on the speed of their infrastructure over another’s. The latency problem has largely been isolated to a very few specific applications, with market infrastructure so efficient that “hopping” in and out of the cloud does not have a meaningful impact on data consumption or delivery—and often is better than legacy infrastructures some firms are still running in-house. To put it simply, real-time data in the cloud is now very viable choice for most market participants.

Read Dan's blog 

Download the Xignite white paper Dan references.

Kerry Langstaff

Kerry Langstaff

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