Usage and Hit Calculations FAQs

You can check the status of your account on our website by clicking here. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so then re-directed to the My Account page.
You can use My Account to:
  • Change your password
  • Manage your API authentication tokens
  • Update your phone number, company information and interests
  • Manage your payment methods (update credit cards, etc.)
  • Check your free trial status (remaining hits, etc)
  • Check your subscription status (subscription levels, usage, etc.)

No, they do not. Each subscription comes with a number of hits per month, which are tracked separately from your free trial hits.
When you subscribe, your subscription will be reset and your free trial hits will be lost.

You may view your remaining free credits by clicking here. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so then re-directed to the My Free Trial Status page.

You can also reach this page at any time by clicking My Account at the top of this page (of you are logged in, you can access My Account by clicking on your email address), then Check My Free Trial Status under the My APIs heading.

In XigniteFinancials, all APIs count a request as one hit per financial item returned. Some of XigniteFinancials APIs return a single financial item (i.e. GetCompanyFinancial). Other APIs return an entire Income Statement, Balance Sheet, or Cash Flow Statement (i.e. GetCompanyIncomeStatement) and therefore return many financial items.
  • Calling a single line item using an API like GetCompanyFinancial (e.g. TotalRevenue) counts as one hit.
  • Calling an financial statement for one company, will count as many hits as financial items in the entire Statement. For instance, in our model, an Income Statement typically has 32 items, so it will count as 32 hits.
Here are the count statistics for our main financial statements:
  • Income Statement: 32 Hits
  • Balance Sheet: 66 Hits
  • Cash Flow Statement: 39 Hits
If you have more questions on hit counting methods in XigniteFinancials, you may send an e-mail to

The number of free trial credits differs per service you choose with your free trial; the amount may range from 5 or 10 credits up to 250 credits.  
Additionally, be mindfull that a single API request may deduct multiple hits depending on the request and the data set returned. For instance, quote requests with multiple symbols will count as one hit per symbol. 

  • To view a summary of your trial account hit credits and usage, visit My Free Trial Status under the My Account section of the website.
  • Details about how hits are calculated for each API are available under the Manage section of each API operation page. 

An API Token is an alphanumeric code, unique to your Xignite Account, which can be used from any system to validate your API calls. API tokens are passed in the Username field of any SOAP code.  It is also our preferred method of authentication over using IP or E-mail Addresses.  For example, an API Token can be used in a multi-server configuration without following up to add each IP address to your account. If load balancing switches the call to originate/execute from another server, this is seamless when using an API Token. This allows for a more dynamic and error-free configuration. 

To add an API Token to your account, follow these steps:


  1. Go to My Account > Manage My API Tokens:
  2. Click the blue  button, and select the option “API” from the dropdown
  3. The window will say “A random token will be generated.”, then click the blue  button
  4. Once you go back to the Token list/table, make sure to click  or it will not actually equip your account with the new Token.
  5. Once it saves, you will see the alphanumeric string in the table as a new row.