Subscriptions FAQs

Yes, the signup fee for a subscription equals the cost for 1 month of that subscription.
The signup fee is automatically built in the Annual Initial Fee Due Now displayed on our Price Lists.

You can check the status of your account on our website by clicking here. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so then re-directed to the My Account page.
You can use My Account to:
  • Change your password
  • Manage your API authentication tokens
  • Update your phone number, company information and interests
  • Manage your payment methods (update credit cards, etc.)
  • Check your free trial status (remaining hits, etc)
  • Check your subscription status (subscription levels, usage, etc.)

When you sign up for Xignite services, the initial agreement is for a one year subscription (unless your agreement specifies otherwise).
You cannot cancel your agreement prior to the agreement renewal date. You agreement will automatically renew (unless specified otherwise) and you must notify us in writing within the time frame also specified in your agreement (typically 30 days).
You can notify us by emailing to your account manager or
Please refer to your agreement for details.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time by contacting your sales representative directly or emailing

Your subscription renewal process is defined in your agreement. 
Most likely (and unless defined otherwise):
  • Your agreement is a one-year agreement.
  • Your agreement will automatically renew for successive renewal terms of the same period as the initial agreement.
  • Your agreement will automatically renew unless you notify us in writing 30 days prior to the end of the term of the agreement.
Please refer to your agreement for details.

No, they do not. Each subscription comes with a number of hits per month, which are tracked separately from your free trial hits.
When you subscribe, your subscription will be reset and your free trial hits will be lost.

The signup fee is part of your annual initial subscription and is not refundable.

Our data pricing is based on the asset classes and markets you require, as well as "how" and "the scale" the data will be used or displayed.

When you upgrade a service you will pay the difference between your previous sign up fee and the one you are upgrading to.

For example, if you previously subscribed to a $299/month service with a $299 signup fee and want to upgrade to a $499/month service with a $499 signup fee you would pay a $200 incremental signup fee ($499-$299) upon upgrading.