XigniteGlobalMetals FAQs

The API of choice for pulling real-time spot prices for multiple precious metals simultaneously is GetRealTimeMetalQuotes.
The following URL can be used to call up the latest prices for Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum in USD (other currencies are supported as well).
Please ensure you are properly logged into the Xignite Web and your Account is entitled to XigniteGlobalMetals:


The number of hits required to display "metals market activity" depends on the timeliness of updates required on the client end. Some customers may choose to update prices every 5 minutes, while others may wish to update twice per minute. As the granularity increases, so does the number of hits. Our teams can assist in determining rough figures for total hits/month required for a particular "price refresh" schedule.

If you have other questions on how to query for daily Metals prices, please Open a Case or send an e-mail to support@xignite.com.