XigniteFundFundamentals FAQs

Here are the basics of how data on Mutual Funds differ from Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):
  • Mutual funds are commonly open–ended, while ETFs are closed-end funds.
  • All mutual Funds report NAVs via the NASDAQ Mutual Fund Quote Service (MFQS)
  • ETS report both NAVs and Trade Prices
    • Trade Prices are reported just like equities view UTP Level 1 feed
    • NAVs are sometimes reported via MFQS as well, but not all ETFs do so
Trade Prices are the price of the fund on the open market while the NAV is the actual sum of all the assets within the fund, less the liabilities.
The XigniteHistorical and XigniteGlobalHistorical service captures end of day prices from the exchange. On those services you will see:
  • Prices for equities
  • Prices for ETFs
 Our XigniteFunds service captures NAVs for anyone reporting on MFQS so you will see there:
  • NAVs for mutual funds
  • NAVs for ETFs reporting their NAV via MFQS