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CUSIP and ISIN are licensed identifiers and require a license from S&P Capital IQ in applicable regions.

End of Day Stock Data and Historical Stock Prices API

This version 3 of XigniteGlobalHistorical supports only North American exchanges and a subset of global exchanges (complete list below). Please use XigniteGlobalHistorical v2 if the exchanges required are not supported in this version.

This API offers historical prices for equities trading on all U.S.exchanges. In addition to closing prices, the API supports open, high, low, volume, VWAP, TWAP and other market statistics going back to 1/1/1994.The API also provides automatic stitching for identifier changes resulting from corporate action events such as symbol changes and CUSIP changes on reverse splits. This API lets you request corporate action adjusted historical prices for events such as splits, cash dividends, stock distributions, bonus shares, scrips and spinoffs.

Key Features

  • Historical stock data from 1/1/1994 for US securities.
  • Historical prices as a time series output or point in time snapshot.
  • Historical intraday data summarized quote bars across multiple days.
  • Automatic adjustments for splits, cash dividends (ordinary and extraordinary), spinoffs, bonus shares, scrips and stock distributions (same or different class shares).
  • Automatic identifier stitching for corporate action events such as symbol or ticker changes, CUSIP changes on reverse splits, mergers and acquisitions resulting in one to one instrument transformations, stock listing moving from one exchange to another.
  • Historical prices searchable via older identifiers and known active dates.
  • Support retrieving historical prices for de-listed or inactive securities
  • Corporate action history for splits and cash dividends.

Key Benefits

  • Use a single easy-to-use API to obtain historical stock data (both adjusted and unadjusted stock prices) for U.S. stock markets.
  • Easily embed U.S. end of day stock data and historical stock data prices in your applications, including spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps and other corporate applications.
  • Use adjusted historical prices to simplify your total returns and price returns calculations
  • Chart adjusted historical prices showing a smooth trend over time
  • Dramatically reduces time to market for apps that need end-of-day and historical stock data prices.
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of processing complex corporate actions and computing adjustment factors
  • Eliminate the pains and complexity of legacy feeds and files by using cloud APIs.

Data Coverage At-A-Glance

  • Asset Classes : Equities, ETFs as traded by those exchanges
  • Markets:
    • North America: USA, Canada
  • Corporate Actions Covered:
    • Cash Dividends, Extraordinary Cash Dividends, Stock Splits & Reverse Splits, Stock Dividends, Bonus Shares, Scrips, Stock Distributions, Spinoffs, Share Repurchases, Symbol change, CUSIP change on reverse split, Mergers and Acquisitions resulting in one to one instrument transformations, Listing moving from one exchange to another

Key Data Points

  • Security : Name, Symbol, ISIN, Valoren, SEDOL, Instrument Class, Market, Industry, Sector
  • Closing price data : Close, Previous close, Change, Percent Change, Open, High, Low, Currency, Market date, VWAP, TWAP
  • Corporate action data : Cumulative Adjustment Factor, Cumulative Cash Dividend, Cumulative Split Ratio, Ex-Date, Pay Date, Record Date, Dividend Amount, Dividend Type.
This API includes data that covers the following exchanges:
North America
BATS, Canadian Securities Exchange, Montreal Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE,NYSE ARCA, NYSE MKT, OTC Markets, Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange
London Stock Exchange, Bucharest Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia, National Stock Exchange of India, Singapore Exchange

This version 3 of XigniteGlobalHistorical. This version currently supports only North American exchanges and subset of global exchanges. We are currently in the process of adding support for all the exchanges available in version 2. If you need historical data for global exchanges currently not supported in this version or if you implemented this service prior to Feb 1, 2017, please refer to the previous version's documentation previous version's documentation. If you have any questions, please email