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ETF, Mutual Fund, Money Market API List

This web service supports the following APIs.

Each API lets you access the data in a unique way. APIs are grouped by topics for your convenience. Click on an API link to access its test form, documentation, sample code and more.

List and Search

  • Returns a list of available funds matched by complete or partial Symbol. e.g. AA would match all symbols that start with AA. Note: CUSIP and ISIN require valid license
  • Returns a list of Funds issued by the investment company identified by the CIK (Central Index Key). CIK is issued by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Returns list of fundamental types for which data is provided by the service.
  • Returns list of Funds matched by Investment Company name. Substring matches are supported.

Fund Fundamentals

Fund Profile

Fund Fees and Ratios

Fund Holdings and Allocation

Fund Reports and Performance