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XigniteSuperQuotes requires valid subscriptions to the underlying Xignite APIs and any corresponding data (exchange) entitlements.
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The Smart API

This smart API provides integrated access to intraday real-time and delayed quotes for multiple asset classes including equities, funds and indices. The API automatically routes and sources the right information based on your entitlement preferences and allows you to continue using the same API as you add new asset classes or exchange entitlements to your subscriptions.

XigniteSuperQuotes currently integrates data from the following APIs: XigniteGlobalQuotes (delayed equities), XigniteGlobalRealTime (real-time equities), XigniteBATSRealTime (real-time equities), XigniteNASDAQLastSale (real-time equities), XigniteNAVs (mutual funds), XigniteGlobalIndices (delayed indices) and XigniteGlobalIndicesRealtime (real-time indices).

Key Features

  • Support for multiple asset classes (equities, funds, indices). Additional asset classes (forex, metals, futures, options) coming soon.
  • Smart automatic routing based on your exchange entitlements.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified development with a single API for a wide data set.
  • Single API for delayed or real-time support. No need to call a different API based on your exchange entitlements.
  • Single endpoint for multiple asset class support. No need to call a different API based on the asset class you are requesting.

Data Coverage At-A-Glance

  • Asset Classes: Equities, Funds, Indices
  • Exchanges Covered:
    • North America: NASDAQ Mutual Funds, NYSE, NYSE MKT, NASDAQ, OTCBB, TSX, TSX Venture
    • South America: BOVESPA, Lima, Santiago
    • Europe: Athens, BATS Chi-X Europe, BME (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia), Budapest, Deutsche Borse (XETRA and Regionals), Stuttgart, Irish, LSE, Muscat, NASDAQ OMX Nordic , NASDAQ OMX Baltic, NYSE Euronext, Oslo, Prague, SIX Swiss, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Warsaw
    • Asia-Pacific: ASX, Bombay, HKEx, KRX, NZX, Shanghai, Shenzhen, SGX, Tokyo
    • Africa: Johannesburg
  • Timeliness: Real-Time and Delayed.