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EDGAR Filings API List

This web service supports the following APIs.

Each API lets you access the data in a unique way. APIs are grouped by topics for your convenience. Click on an API link to access its test form, documentation, sample code and more.



  • Lookup a company CIK based on its name.
  • Return a company CIK based on its symbol.


  • Search the EDGAR database for company filings, including real-time filings.
  • Provides fast query of filing information to all filing data for a company.
  • Search the EDGAR database for company filings, excluding real-time filings for the current day.

Specialized Search

  • This operation is similar to the QueryFilings operation except than it returns the main document of each filing and skips all attachments.
  • Counts the number of filing types by firm per period.
  • Retrieves the last filing for a specific type of form for a firm.
  • List recent SEC filings (today to up to five days ago) for the most popular SEC forms (10-K, 10-Q...).


  • Retrieves a specific HTML filing and lists the documents it contains.