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API List

This is a new version of XigniteFunds. If you implemented this service prior to September 25, 2014, please refer to the previous version's documentation.
This web service supports the following APIs.

Each API lets you access the data in a unique way. APIs are grouped by topics for your convenience. Click on an API link to access its test form, documentation, sample code and more.


  • Returns the list of mutual funds supported by this service.
  • Returns a list of mutual funds added between two dates.

Current NAVs

  • Returns the latest closing NAV for a fund.
  • Returns the latest closing NAV for a collection of funds.

Historical NAVs

  • Returns a range of historical NAVs for a fund based on a date range (start date, end date).
  • Returns the daily historical trailing values for a fund based on an end date and number of periods (days, weeks, months, years).