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This API provides exception-based alerting for market events. Events currently supported include equity quotes, volume and 52 week high/low breakouts. You can create, search and delete alerts associated using this API. When configuring an alert, you can define which API Xignite CloudAlerts should call be to notify you of the triggered event. Xignite CloudAlerts entirely eliminates the unnecessary polling and processing of real-time data stream to power quote alert applications.

Key Features

  • Flexible trigger conditions to monitor price movements or volume breakouts.
  • Easy APIs to create, search and manage alerts
  • Automated real-time monitoring of all market events.
  • Easy deployment of new alerts in just minutes
  • Highly scalable: processes millions of trigger conditions on massive real-time data streams
  • Global real-time and delayed equity support

Key Benefits

  • Improve your robo-advisor, trading, wealth management or research platform in minutes
  • Engage, energize and retain customers with interactive, real-time market alerts
  • Notify your customers on real-time market events and keep them engaged in your application.
  • Let yours users personalize alerts directly in your app
  • Avoid costly exchange agreements and fees with a fully hosted solution
  • Scale easily as your business grows with zero footprint cloud-based hyper-performance APIs
  • Go to market today

Key Data Points

  • Asset Class: Equities, ETFs
  • Trigger Data Points: Last, Bid, Ask, Volume, Change, Percent Change, High52Week, Low52Week
  • Underlying APIs: XigniteGlobalQuotes, XigniteGlobalRealTime