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Data Sources
Data extracted by Xignite from the SEC Edgar database

Insider Transactions for U.S. Public Companies

This API provides real-time data for corporate insider transactions filed with the SEC for U.S. public companies. The US SEC requires corporate insiders, meaning a company's officers and directors, and any beneficial owners of more than ten percent of a class of the company's equity securities, file with the SEC a statement of ownership regarding those securities. XigniteInsider provides corporate insider transactions, value of current ownerships, changes in ownerships and detailed transaction history in a company's securities by corporate insiders. With XigniteInsider, you can get all the up-to-date corporate insider transaction and ownership filings fully integrated into your applications, giving you instant access to market information to automate your critical business processes.

Key Features

  • Full coverage of the EDGAR database since inception.
  • Query SEC insider filings by symbol or CUSIP
  • Query transactions by insider or by company (issuer)
  • Query ownerships by insider or by company (issue)
  • Search insiders by names and addresses
  • Cross-reference insider transactions across multiple firms
  • Query CEOs, Directors, Officers and other
  • Query complete forms 3, 4 or 5

Key Benefits

  • Build and maintain your own insider database
  • Easily embed insider transaction and ownership data in your applications--including portals, spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps and other corporate applications
  • Dramatically reduce time to market for apps that need insider transaction and ownership data
  • Eliminate the pains and complexity of legacy insider transaction and ownership data file processing using cloud APIs

Data Coverage At-A-Glance

  • Asset Classes: Equities, and all SEC regulated instruments subject to form 3,4 and 5 filing
  • Exchangse Covered: All US Exchanges

Key Data Points

  • Transaction: SecurityType, FormType, EquitySwap, SecurityTitle, OptionTitle, TransactionDate, ExecutionDate, ExpirationDate, ExercisableDate, TransactionCode, TransactionDescription, OptionAmount, StockAmount, Price, Value, AmountOwnedAfter, OwnershipType, OwnershipForm, FormUrl
  • Insider: CIK, Name, Address
  • Ownership: Insider, Relationship, IsDirector, IsOfficer, OfficerTitle, IsTenPercentOwner, IsOther, Shares, Options, Price, MarketValue, PercentageOwnership