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Data Sources
Global index data is licensed by Xignite from the respective index families. Access to global delayed feed from Six Financial Information.

Stock Market Index and Market Indices Benchmark Data API

This API offers delayed index values for more than 10,000 U.S. and global market indices, including the popular index families such as Dow Jones, S&P, NASDAQ, NIKKEI and others. Distribution of stock market index data is generally subject to strict licensing by the index family.

Key Features

  • Delayed Data:
    • Some index providers require firms that display delayed index data on web sites and portals to establish distribution agreements and pay distribution fees.
  • Volume information is available but only on a limited set of indices
  • Index lists by index group
  • Index search by name
  • Values for one or multiple symbols
  • Index identification by Symbol, Cusip, Valoren, or ISIN when available
  • Support for XML, CSV, and JSON output
  • U.S. Coverage of ETF Intraday Portfolio Values (IPVs)

Key Benefits

  • Use a single easy-to-use API to obtain intraday index values
  • Access institutional quality delayed index and benchmark data through an easy-to-use API
  • Easily embed delayed index and benchmark values in your applications--including spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps and other corporate applications
  • Dramatically reduce time to market for apps that need index values and benchmark data
  • Eliminate the pains and complexity of legacy feeds by using cloud APIs

Data Coverage At-A-Glance

  • Asset Classes: Indices, Benchmarks, ETF IPVs
  • Index Groups Covered: NASDAQ, NYSE, CBOE/MDX, Dow Jones, S&P, S&P/TSX, S&P/ASX, S&P/HKex
  • FTSE (UK), NIKKEI (Japan), Deutsche Borse (Germany), NSE Nifty (India), NZX (New Zealand), SSE (Shanghai), SZSE (Shenzhen)
  • For a list of Index Groups, use ListIndexGroups
  • If you need indices we do not support please contact us.

Key Data Points

  • Index Value: Last, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Previous Close, Change, Date, Time, UTCOffset
  • Index Description: Symbol, Name, Valoren, Index Group, Currency
  • Bars: Minute and Hour level Bars for intraday OHLC.

Data Coverage

This API includes data that covers the following:
U.S. Headline Indices
  • Dow Jones Indices**
  • CBOE MDX Indices (Includes S&P 500)**
  • NASDAQ Global Index Data Service - GIDS (Includes NASDAQ 100 and NASDAQ Composite)**
Dow Jones Indices
  • Dow Jones Indices**
  • Dow Jones Total Stock Market Indices**
S&P Indices
  • CBOE MDX Indices (Includes S&P 500)**
NASDAQ Indices
  • NASDAQ Global Index Data Service - GIDS (Includes NASDAQ 100 and NASDAQ Composite)**
  • NASDAQ Indices**
NYSE U.S. Indices
  • NYSE Indices**
  • NYSE Global Index Feed - GIF (Includes NYSE Composite)**
NYSE Euronext Indices
  • NYSE Euronext Indices (Includes CAC 40)**
FTSE Indices
  • FTSE Indices**
  • FTSE USD Indices**
OPRA Underlying Indices
  • OPRA Underlying Indices**
India - Regional Indices
  • BSE Ltd. (Formerly Bombay Stock Exchange) Indices**
  • National Stock Exchange of India Indices (Includes NIFTY)
Japan - Regional Indices
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Indices (Includes TOPIX)**
  • NIKKEI Indices**
Korea - Regional Indices
  • Korea Exchange (Includes KOSDAQ)**
  • Korea Exchange Stock Market (Includes KOSPI)
China, Hong Kong - Regional Indices
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange Indices**
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange Indices**
  • Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Indices (Includes HKex)**
  • Hang Seng Indices**
Pacific Australia - Regional Indices
  • ASX Indices**
  • New Zealand Indices (Includes NZX)**
South Africa - Regional Indices
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange Indices**
Northern Europe - Regional Indices
  • OMX Nordic Exchange Indices**
  • Oslo Bors Indices
Switzerland - Regional Indices
  • STOXX Indices**
  • Swiss Exchange Indices (Includes SMI)**
  • Deutsche Boerse Indices (Includes DAX)**
Germany - Regional Indices
  • Deutsche Boerse Indices (Includes DAX)**
  • Boerse Stuttgart (Includes IQ Hedge)
Spain - Regional Indices
  • Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles Indices (Includes IBEX
  • Latibex)
Americas - Regional Indices
  • BM&FBOVESPA Indices**
Canada - Regional Indices
  • Toronto Stock Exchange Indices (Includes S&P/TSX)**
  • TSX Venture Exchange Indices (Includes S&P/TSXV)**

This is a new version of XigniteIndices. If you implemented this service prior to July 24, 2013, please refer to the previous version's documentation.