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XigniteGlobalRealTime: Real-time equity quotes from global exchanges
Data Sources
Xignite collects, compiles and cleanse its equity and index option data from the following sources:

API for Real-Time Equity Option Quotes

This API offers real-time options quotes for U.S. listed equity options. In addition to option quotes (bid/ask), the API also provides option chain lookups, open, high, low, close, volume, moneyness, open interest, contract size and underlying asset information.

XigniteGlobalRealTimeOptions supports multiple Security identifiers including Symbol, CUSIP, ISIN and Valoren and supports multiple formats including XML, JSON and CSV.

Key Features

  • Ability to request data for one or multiple Securities at a time
  • Ability to provide full option chain lookups
  • Timestamps provided in both local market time and UTC time
  • Ability to calculate Black Scholes option valuation
  • Integrated with XigniteGlobalMaster and XigniteGlobalRealTime services to tie an issuer and stock quote to an option’s underlying security

Key Benefits

  • Use a single easy-to-use API to obtain comprehensive options data for OPRA quoted contracts
  • Reduce time to market for portfolio hedging and risk management applications applications that need options data
  • Eliminate the need for expensive market data feed infrastructure by using XigniteGlobalRealTimeOptions on demand.
  • Allows direct in-app integration with data stored and managed on Xignite Cloud.

Key Data Points

  • Option: Symbol, Symbology Type, Underlying Symbol, Type (Call/Put), Expiration Date, Strike Price
  • Quote: Bid, Bid Size, Ask, Ask Size, Last, Previous Day Close, Previous Day Ask, Previous Day Bid, Change, Percent Change, Open, High, Low, Close, Currency, Date and time (market), UTC Date and time, Moneyness (true/false)