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Data Sources
Global exchange trading hours and exchange calendar schedule provided by:
Copp Clark

Exchange and Financial Center Hours, Settlement Dates, and Calendar API

This API offers holiday schedules for exchanges and settlement dates for financial centers around the world. XigniteGlobalHolidays provides stock market trading hours and data on exchange holidays, trading days, trading schedules, and settlement rules for hundreds of major exchanges and venues in the global financial markets.

Key Features

  • Support for hundreds of major exchanges and financial centers in global financial markets
  • Support for equity, futures, options, bonds, multilateral trading facilities (MTS), energy, and many other exchange types
  • Exchange calendar and trading hours by market (e.g. NYSE trading hours, etc.). Note that exchange hours are not available for derivative markets
  • Schedule in either the exchange's or financial center's local time or UTC time
  • Check if exchange is open in real-time
  • Check if current date is a settlement date for an exchange
  • Validate dates and time against exchange calendar and trading hours
  • Get list of all supported exchanges
  • Settlement schedules by exchange
  • Data from 2010 to 2039

Key Benefits

  • Automate operations or applications based on actual exchange opening hours or financial center settlement dates
  • Verify trading and transaction activities against true operating hours
  • Eliminate the risk of presenting inaccurate information in your application due
  • Synchronize and maintain your own local exchange calendar and trading hour schedule
  • Implement global market support in your web sites and applications (no more hard-coding of market hours)
  • Use a single easy-to-use API to obtain for market trading and stock market hours, holiday schedules, and more
  • Reduce time to market for trade settlement applications by using exchange trade and settlement date schedules
  • Manage global investment trading applications by integrating U.S. and international stock exchange schedules and trading day counts from one easy-to-use API
  • Eliminate the need to manage maintain your own calendars
  • Allows direct in-app integration with data stored and managed on Xignite Cloud

Data Coverage At-A-Glance

  • Hundreds of global exchanges and financial centers covered
  • Data from 2010 to 2039

Key Data Points

  • Exchange: Exchange Symbol, Name
  • Settlement Schedule: Exchange Symbol, Trade Date, Settlement Date
  • Exchange Holiday: Exchange Symbol, Date, Holiday Name, Full Holiday
  • Exchange Hours: Date, IsOpen, OpenTime, CloseTime
  • Day Count: Exchange Symbol, Start Date, End Date, Trading Day Count

This service replaces XigniteGlobalExchanges. If you implemented this service prior to February 2016, please refer to the previous service's documentation.