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U.S. Bond API List

This web service supports the following APIs.

Each API lets you access the data in a unique way. APIs are grouped by topics for your convenience. Click on an API link to access its test form, documentation, sample code and more.



  • Returns instrument identifiers and basic issuer details for a bond given an issue identifier.
  • Returns instrument identifiers and basic details for all Bonds where the name provided in the input fully or partially matches the bond description.
  • Returns instrument identifiers and basic issue details for bonds issued by a particular Issuer. Result includes bond issue details of up to 500 bonds issued by issuer ordered (descending) by maturity date.
  • Returns basic details of a particular bond matched by the identifier provided in the input.
  • Returns basic details for multiple bonds matched by the identifiers provided in the input.
  • Returns possible redemption dates, amounts, and additional information for callable bonds.
  • Returns basic information about Bonds that match coupon rate, maturity date range and convertible by holder flag provided in the input. The result returns a maximum of 500 bonds ordered (descending) by maturity date. User can refine the input parameters to narrow the search.

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