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XigniteGlobalRealTime: Real-time equity quotes from global exchanges
XigniteGlobalQuotes: Delayed equity quotes from global exchanges
XigniteNASDAQLastSale: Real-time equity last sale prices from NASDAQ
XigniteBATSRealTime: Real-time equity quotes from BATS Exchange
XigniteGlobalCurrencies: Real-time quotes for more than 170 currencies and over 29,000 currencies pairs
XigniteGlobalMetals: Real time prices for metals including Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum and other base metals

Streaming Real-Time Market Data APIs

These APIs stream financial market data directly to end-user devices such as mobile and web apps. Xignite CloudStreaming is a zero-footprint solution that leverages the Xignite Market Data Cloud’s high-performance and scalable streaming infrastructure. By using HTML5 standards, it eliminates the need for streaming application software and the need to build and maintain a large “fanout” infrastructure for distribution of real-time data to every end-user’s device. With Xignite CloudStreaming, you can easily stream financial market data directly to millions of end-users with just a few lines of code.

Key Features

  • Global real-time and delayed equity, index, currency, and metal quotes.

  • Zero-footprint production infrastructure solution.

  • Native browser support for HTML5 open standard Server Sent Events (SSE)

  • HTTP protocol eliminates special firewall configuration requirements.

  • Scalable to millions of end-user devices.

Key Benefits

  • Streams market data directly to your apps on end-user devices in minutes.

  • Eliminates the need for fanout infrastructure hardware and software

  • Drastically reduces time to market for large scale financial mobile and web applications.

  • Reduces total cost of ownership.

  • Optimizes network bandwidth by streaming only field values that have changed.

  • Optimizes mobile user experience by minimizing battery usage.

Key Data Points

  • Asset Class: Equities, ETFs, FX, Metals
  • Supported APIs:

    • XigniteGlobalRealTime

    • XigniteGlobalQuotes

    • XigniteNasdaqLastSale

    • XigniteBATSRealTime

    • XigniteSuperQuotes

    • XigniteGlobalCurrencies

    • XigniteGlobalMetals

  • Data Points: All quote and trade fields (e.g., Open, High, Low, Close, Last, Bid, Ask, Volume, etc.) on each of the supported APIs.