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Stop Polling. Start Streaming – Stream Directly to Your Apps.CloudStreaming is ideal for customers who want to stream real-time or delayed market data directly to client apps but do not want to spend the time or money to build out and manage a scalable production infrastructure. CloudStreaming delivers CloudAPI quote functionality, such as XigniteGlobalRealTime, through a cloud-based scalable, robust, high-performant streaming implementation.

Zero-Footprint Solution
Building a robust, reliable and highly scalable streaming infrastructure is not easy. Let Xignite handle all the technical complexities and infrastructure required for your data needs so that you can focus on designing the workflows and user experience that your end-users deserve.

Time to Market
Just as CloudAPIs simplify requesting financial market data, CloudStreaming simplifies streaming financial market data. CloudStreaming leverages the Xignite Market Data Cloud and offers a streaming solution consistent with our existing CloudAPIs. Integration is easy to stream market data directly to your client apps, from websites to mobile devices.

Streaming Data Points
CloudStreaming lets you stream quote and trade data fields (e.g., Open, High, Low, Close, Last, Bid, Ask) that are in our CloudAPIs, including XigniteGlobalRealTime, XigniteGlobalQuotes, and XigniteGlobalCurrencies. To optimize network usage, CloudStreaming streams only field values that have changed on each transmission.

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