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Engage your Customers with Personalized Alerts
CloudAlerts┬áis a highly scalable cloud-based solution that enables customers monitor and react to market events in real-time. Unlike traditional alert implementations, Xignite CloudAlerts completely eliminates the need for customers to build, deploy, and operate a real-time monitoring and an “exception-based” alerting infrastructure. CloudAlerts enables adding personalized alerts capability to any robo-advisor, trading, wealth management application or research platform in just hours, significantly reducing time to market and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Zero-Footprint Solution
Xignite CloudAlerts provides a collection of APIs that customers can call directly from a client application to create and manage alerts. By leveraging the Xignite Market Data Cloud, customers can offer market data alerts functionality to its end users with minimal costs. No need to purchase and deploy hardware, build data feed handlers, implement a monitoring infrastructure, or hire the necessary engineering and operations staff.

Personalized Market Alerts
Xignite CloudAlerts supports flexible trigger conditions to monitor price movements and volume breakouts in real-time. Customers can choose from any of the data points available on the data source (such as Last, Bid, Ask, Volume, Change, % Change, High52Week, Low52Week etc.) to define the trigger condition. CloudAlerts monitors these conditions in real-time and triggers necessary callback notifications to the customer to perform an event driven action, ranging from simply sending an email or text message to invoking a proprietary customer function.

Highly Scalable
Xignite CloudAlerts is powered by highly scalable and extensible alert monitoring infrastructure that can process millions of trigger conditions on massive real-time data streams.

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