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Get Your App to Market Quickly

If you need to incorporate market data into your business technology application, don’t waste time with expensive and unnecessary data management headaches. Xignite’s Financial Data APIs do the work for you, requiring no special software, hardware or network connections. We deliver trusted market data straight to your desktop and mobile applications to get you up and running in days, not weeks.

Avoid Data Infrastructure Headaches

Under intense pressure to release software as soon as possible, you need to focus your finite resources on what you do best and leave resource-intensive tasks such as data management to others. With Xignite’s Financial Data APIs, leave market data infrastructure headaches behind!

Deploy Your Apps in Record Time

Integrating real-time financial market data into your mobile applications doesn’t have to be a roadblock. Today practically all financial mobile apps can be quickly powered via our open and standardized APIs. This approach shortens deployment times from weeks to hours.

One Source for All Your Needs

As your application gains momentum, it may make sense to enhance your users’ experience with new asset classes, new regions or deeper historical data. Xignite’s Financial Data APIs offer standardized formats that make adding new data sets a breeze.

Reduce Costs

Market data becomes very expensive when traditional vendor pricing models force you to pay for data you don’t actually use. Significantly reduce costs by taking advantage of the on-demand pricing structure of our Financial Data APIs.