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Our on-demand global market data offerings cover a wide range of financial instruments that can help you develop investment management applications quickly. Obtaining the necessary benchmark and pricing data for reporting and compliance can be a real chore, especially in an environment of ever-expanding regulations. With Xignite’s market data CloudAPIs, you get exactly the data you need to quickly populate your portfolio and compliance reports.

Replace Terminals and Feeds with Tailored Apps

Don’t spend time wrestling data from a feed, file or terminal into Excel or pay a premium price for a desktop terminal when you can use Xignite’s easy-to-implement market data CloudAPIs to fuel internal research applications at a fraction of the price. You only pay for the data you use.


Investment Management Solutions

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Xignite Client Investment Management Solutions

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Kivalia 401(K) Web Portal

SprinkleBit Social Investing Platform

Narrative Science Portfolio Creation App

Personal Capital 401(K) Calculator

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