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International online retailers need to make it easy for customers to seamlessly purchase your products and services in their local currency. Enabling international shoppers to shop in their local currency significantly increases sales and retention levels. If you provide currency conversion tools at the point of sale, customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart or to dispute their charges.

Xignite’s market data CloudAPIs make it easy to integrate exchange rates into your e-commerce systems. With XigniteGlobalCurrencies our foreign exchange rates API, you can quickly go global and cater to international visitors:

  • Grow your business and reach new markets.
  • Minimize shopping cart abandonment.
  • Build your brand globally.
  • Make your business look bigger than it really is.
  • Improve client satisfaction through accurate pricing.


Xignite Client e-Commerce Solutions

Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is a global real estate organization that wanted its website to provide home buyer clients with online pricing of international properties in their home currency. Xignite’s Financial Data APIs fit the bill, delivering exchange rates for over 140 currencies, and enabling a more robust user experience.


Increasing the international appeal of your e-commerce website is good for business. With exchange rate data from the Xignite Market Data Cloud, online travel company Bookit.com enables visitors to dynamically convert travel package prices into their home currency right at the point of sale.

Live Gamer

Live Gamer is an e-commerce and advertising platform that lets online entertainment companies process micro transactions and global payments. Exchange data from Xignite’s Financial Data APIs enables Live Gamer to display instantaneous real-time global pricing to online users.