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Financial data is critical to many businesses beyond Wall Street. For instance, your treasury department may need swap and forex data to help manage cash. Accounting may need comparatives for financial analysis. Manufacturing will need commodity prices for planning. If you are a public company, you will have significant investor relations data needs as well.

Many businesses collect this data manually because doing it automatically is neither easy nor affordable. Xignite’s market data CloudAPIs let businesses of all sizes easily integrate timely and accurate market data into corporate applications. Our CloudAPIs can plug into any system—such as NetSuite, SAP or Oracle application, an accounting or planning system and, of course, into Microsoft Excel.

You can integrate Xignite market data into any business application, including:

  • Accounting systems (foreign exchange rates, comparative financials, etc.)
  • Treasury systems (interest rates, swaps, interbank rates, etc.)
  • Forecasting software (industry statistics, commodities pricing, etc.)
  • Competitive analysis (comparative financials and quotes, etc.)
  • Procurement and ERP systems (exchange rates, commodities prices, etc.)
  • Corporate intranets (mutual fund prices for HR portals, company quotes, etc.)
  • Investor relations portals (quotes, releases, filings, insider data, etc.)
  • E-Commerce sites (forex, metal prices, , etc.)


Xignite Client Corporate Solutions

Dun & Bradstreet

D&B is a leading source of commercial information and insight on business. Part of their service is providing detailed credit reports on companies. They use exchange rate data from Xignite’s Financial Data APIs to convert currencies within their reports to fit the needs of international customers.


FXLoader automates the loading of currency exchange rates into ERP applications. FXLoader uses Xignite’s Financial Data APIs to obtain market and central bank rates, to populate clients’ ERP applications, to account for currency transactions. The extreme reliability and authenticity of the Xignite service and rates are essential to FXLoaders’ clients.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Trusted market data and news are critical inputs into corporate financial decisions. Navy Federal Credit Union utilizes Xignite’s Financial Data APIs to seamlessly feed market data and news to an internal dashboard used by the firm’s CFO and finance department.

Monex Financial Services

Billing international customers requires up-to-date currency data that’s fully integrated into your accounting system. Monex Financial Services, a leading provider of dynamic currency conversion solutions, utilizes Xignite’s Financial Data APIs to pull currency exchange rates and issue invoices quickly.