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  • Come and explore the growth of the FinTech industry and see how companies have defined new standards for the financial world.
  • Xignite describes the importance of market data and what you need to know before using it.
  • Xignite demonstrates how real-time metals prices can be embedded into mobile apps, widgets, spreadsheets and websites.
  • In this on-demand webinar you will get a quick review of the IPO process as well as gain an understanding of how to use the data most effectively in applications, websites, and front, middle and back office functions.
  • This educational webinar will help you understand how to most effectively use fund data in applications, websites, and front, middle and back office functions.
  • Get the facts on US Equity Quotes & Prices in this on-demand webinar set. Part One focuses on venues, quotes and prices. Part Two digs into the cost, delivery and integration aspects of US Equities.
  • The surging popularity of mobile applications on smartphones and tablets is transforming how investors consume financial information. In this on-demand webinar a panel of experts discuss the significance of this transformation and provide their perspective on how it will reshape financial advice.
  • Join Xignite and a panel of expert CEO's for a discussion on how financial services firms can quickly develop mobile apps to enhance customer engagement and add new revenue.
  • Understanding the complex and volatile world of precious metals pricing can be challenging. This eBook provides valuable insight into how metals are priced and the different options available for feeding prices into websites and applications.