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Cloud-Based Data Distribution Solution for Exchanges and Data Vendors

Xignite Market Data Distribution is a private-labeled service that helps exchanges, over-the-counter (OTC) brokers, multi-lateral trading facilities and data vendors distribute tick data directly to their clients. Stop struggling with rising storage costs and your embarrassing web sites built back in the 90’s. With Xignite’s Market Data Distribution solution you can instantly respond to your clients’ requests for data. You can distribute large amounts of tick data directly to your clients’ clouds. No more shipping hard disks!

  • Allow users to purchase only the content they require.
  •  reduces infrastructure headaches and expenses by hosting financial market data in the cloud. Reach new markets such as the fast growing mobile segment or HFT back-testers.
  • Drive revenue for data you are ignoring or under-monetizing today.
  • Greatly simplify and streamline market data distribution to clients.

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Exchange and Data Vendor Clients

NASDAQ Data-on-Demand

NASDAQ Data-On-Demand makes access to historical stock tick data easy and affordable for individuals and large institutions. Individual investors, professional traders, analysts and other individual users can get started for as little as $10 per month and gain instant access to start pulling historical stock tick data into Excel directly from the NASDAQ Data-On-Demand website.  Individuals get the same sophisticated analytics and detailed Level 1 historical stock tick data previously available only to large institutions.  Traders can cherry-pick specific data with pinpoint accuracy, eliminating the need for custom-developed systems to manage and process the data for them.  Since pricing is usage based, individuals can use highly targeted queries to pay only for the data they need, making historical stock tick data affordable even for individual investors. Read Case Study

NYSE Technologies Market Data Web Services

NYSE Technologies leverages the Xignite Market Data Distribution solution to provide access to real-time, historical and reference market data for all NYSE Euronext markets via the Internet. The Xignite Market Data Cloud enables NYSE customers to quickly integrate valuable NYSE data into their financial web portals and mobile financial apps in weeks instead of months or years. More Information

Direct Edge Edgebook Cloud

EdgeBook Cloud is a suite of products that provides an easy, flexible way to access Direct Edge historical trade and quote data. The service enables customers such as compliance officers, electronic traders, analysts and academics to retrieve order book replays of the market day as well as the capability to select and obtain specific segments of historical data to use for back-testing and analysis. With three distinct delivery mechanisms, EdgeBook Cloud creates resource and cost efficiencies by allowing customers to retrieve only the data they need in a format that best fits their analysis and testing objectives, all of which helps to simplify and streamline work flow.

Their Apps

Your clients easily get the data they need for any in-house application, website or mobile app.

Instant Access

Your clients start powering their apps with just a few lines of code and get them to market quickly.

The Data They Need

Your clients easily get the exact data set they need, saving time and money wasted dealing with legacy files and feeds.

Your Cloud APIs

Your clients can access your APIs in any programming language and use the format that works best for their app (XML, JSON, CSV, etc).

Your Market Data Cloud

Your data and your APIs are hosted by Xignite in the cloud, and presented to users through a website tailored to your brand.

Your Data

Xignite on-boards and manages your data for you and caches it in the cloud for optimum performance and global distribution.

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