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Expand and Renew
Your Data Business

Xignite Market Data Distribution is a private-labeled solution designed to propel your market data business into the future. It helps you:

  • Reach new markets such as the fast growing mobile segment or HFT back-testers.
  • Drive revenue for data you are ignoring or under-monetizing today.
  • Greatly simplify and streamline market data distribution to clients.

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Serve the Mobile/Web Market

APIs make it easy for developers to integrate your data with their mobile or web apps. Be the leader this growing segment.

Deal with Big Data

Stop struggling with rising storage costs. You will be able to distribute large amounts of tick data directly to your clients’ clouds. No more shipping hard disks!

Renew Your Business

Overhaul embarrassing web sites built back in the 90’s. Instantly respond to your clients’ requests for data.

Go to Market Quickly

Use a proven solution already powering cloud platforms for leading exchanges. Our team will have your solution up and running within months.

Save Time and Money

Xignite configures the fully managed solution to your needs, onboards the data, and provides ongoing monitoring and support. Focus on growing your business.

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Their Apps

Your clients easily get the data they need for any in-house application, website or mobile app.

Instant Access

Your clients start powering their apps with just a few lines of code and get them to market quickly.

The Data They Need

Your clients easily get the exact data set they need, saving time and money wasted dealing with legacy files and feeds.

Your Cloud APIs

Your clients can access your APIs in any programming language and use the format that works best for their app (XML, JSON, CSV, etc).

Your Market Data Cloud

Your data and your APIs are hosted by Xignite in the cloud, and presented to users through a website tailored to your brand.

Your Data

Xignite on-boards and manages your data for you and caches it in the cloud for optimum performance and global distribution.