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Data Distribution Made Easy

Companies like yours are increasingly interested in reducing the time and expense of delivering and integrating market data into applications.

No doubt you’ve heard about “the cloud”. Quite simply, the Xignite Market Data Cloud is a platform that reduces infrastructure headaches and expenses by hosting market data in the cloud. It is the underlying platform for several solutions our clients use to solve their business problems:

  • Developers use it to power their financial applications with our Financial Data APIs. Learn more >
  • Exchanges & Data Vendors use it to renew and expand their data business with Xignite Market Data Distribution. Learn more >
  • Financial Institutions use it internally to drive data adoption and reduce costs with Xignite Enterprise Data Distribution. Learn more >

Because it takes advantage of the scalability, efficiency and shared resources model of cloud computing, the Xignite Market Data Cloud is the most powerful market data distribution platform available today.



To succeed, you need to focus on your strengths. Our APIs are designed to simply plug-and-play with just about any kind of application — including websites, mobile apps, internal portals, widgets, finance and accounting systems, even Microsoft Excel. Try it yourself with a free trial.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the delivery mechanisms that fuel your apps with fresh information. But beware — not all APIs are created equal. Xignite's state-of-the-art web APIs champion open standards and most importantly, they are easy-to-use. You can immediately deploy our APIs in virtually any development environment at a much lower cost than traditional feeds.

The Market Data Cloud

The Xignite Market Data Cloud pulls together a wide range of disparate market information into a complete solution for both data consumers and data owners. With the power of the cloud, firms can bypass the costly technical resources required to ingest, regulate, entitle and distribute market data.

Market Data

Think you suffer data overload enough already? Due to technological advances and industry innovations (i.e. High Frequency Trading, etc.), experts are forecasting continuing exponential growth in market data volume over the coming years. Keeping up with this global trend with infrastructure, databases, and software remaining completely in-house is clearly not sustainable.