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As financial data volumes have grown, so have the cost and complexity of managing the flood of information. Xignite’s Financial Data APIs let you bypass data management headaches and receive market data “on demand”.

What does on demand mean? It means you get exactly the data that you want in the format you want. Revolutionary? Indeed.

Build Better Apps Faster

Our APIs let you pull data into web sites, in-house systems and mobile apps in a matter of minutes. No infrastructure required! You get data over the internet with just a few lines of code—no need for costly software, hardware and maintenance.

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Scale with the Cloud

Our enterprise-class delivery platform and industry standard best practices provide the highest level of system availability, targeted at 99.9%, with better performance and security standards than most companies achieve in-house.

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Your App

Easily get the data you need for any in-house application, website or mobile app.

Instant Access

Start powering your apps with just a few lines of code and get your app to market quickly.

Your Data

Easily get the exact data set you need, saving you time and money wasted dealing with legacy data files and feeds.

Cloud APIs

Access APIs in any programming language and use the format that works best for your app (XML, JSON, CSV, etc.).

Market Data Cloud

The Xignite Market Data Cloud hosts all the data and APIs you need.

Multiple Sources

Xignite collects data from a vast range of data sources, all easy to find and integrate.

Instant Access Cloud APIs Cloud APIs Market Data Cloud
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Instant Access
Your Data
Cloud APIs Market Data Cloud
Multiple Sources