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Store Data Once,
Use it Everywhere

Xignite Enterprise Data Distribution is a fully managed, cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions drive data adoption and reduce data costs.

One of the top challenges in financial services today is managing the volume, complexity and compliance requirements around market data. To that end, firms have invested in Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions. The reality is that EDM hasn’t helped drive data adoption. Most firms struggle to provide consistent, accessible data to applications globally and to enable the business to derive value from this data quickly and easily.

What is needed is a solution for enterprise data distribution.

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An API Catalog for All Your Data

With Xignite Enterprise Data Distribution, developers and users can pull data into portals, proprietary in-house systems and apps in a matter of minutes. There’s no infrastructure required. Data is delivered via a catalog of shared, easy-to-use APIs. This approach eliminates costly software, hardware and maintenance while providing instant scalability.

Drive Data Adoption and Efficiency

By making your existing sources and repositories easy to find, access and integrate by in-house development teams, you encourage adoption of these resources and eliminate the temptation for duplication. Regular, consistent use of existing resources leverages your investment in data management and reduces duplicate data purchases across your organization.

Fast Global Adoption

Through your new distribution layer provided by Xignite, data adoption is completely transformed. What was once a slow, inconsistent process is now fast and streamlined, allowing developers to quickly and easily integrate your data with in-house applications, websites or mobile applications. Users can even call APIs from within Excel.

Universal API layer

Enterprise Data Distribution

The Xignite EDD layer removes the barriers between your firm's data and all the applications that need it. Now, users and apps easily locate and access data through a central, universal catalog of open APIs — fostering consistent adoption of data resources across the organization.


Xignite's Enterprise Data Distribution solution easily onboards data to the cloud from your current EDM processes and data stores, as well as directly from your third-party sources. The cloud simplifies the process. You store data once, and make it available to applications and users throughout your firm.

Your EDM Systems

If your firm has Enterprise Data Management systems and processes, Xignite easily onboards your cleansed, "golden copy" data and data from the various operational data stores in your organization.

Your Data

Whether it is vendor data you collect from vendors or exchanges, or proprietary data you create internally, Xignite's Enterprise Data Distribution solution can onboard and distribution it throughout your organization. The platform easily handles real-time, reference and historical data.

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