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The Power of the Shared Market Data Cloud

Your Apps

The Xignite platform allows each Data Distribution Solution client to power their own set of applications (or those of their customers) using their APIs.

Your APIs

Each Xignite Data Distribution client — whether a supplier or consumer of data — can create and manage its own catalog of APIs built on top of its own market data cloud.

The Network Effect

This shared platform creates synergies among Xignite client firms. For instance, financial institutions using the Xignite platform for Enterprise Data Distribution can easily tap into the data provided on the platform by exchanges, data vendors or Xignite.

Your Cloud, Our Platform

Since Xignite is a multi-tenant platform, every exchange or financial institution creates and maintains its own market data cloud separately and securely. Data can be on-boarded from the client's own data management systems.

Xignite Market Data Cloud

The Xignite Market Data Cloud is the underlying platform for our Data Distribution solutions. It unifies the unique solutions of Xignite clients with Xignite APIs into a single, cost effective and shared layer powering the efficient exchange of information.

Your Data on Amazon Web Services

Xignite Data Distribution clients can on-board their own data to AWS very cost effectively. For instance, exchanges can load vast amounts of ticker information into the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The underlying platform for the Xignite Market Data cloud is Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's #1 open public cloud. AWS provides scalable and inexpensive storage and elastic computing resources in a reliable environment open to everyone.

Today’s paradigm for market data distribution is inefficient. Every financial institution simply collects the same data from every exchange and vendor, and then deploys the same clunky onsite infrastructure to store and distribute this data to end users and applications. Billions of dollars are wasted re-inventing the wheel. With a global financial crisis and rapidly increasing data volumes, this model is not sustainable. Firms now want to store data offsite and only access what they need, when they need it. This is exactly the problem solved by the Xignite Market Data Cloud.

The Xignite Market Data Cloud is a shared platform running on Amazon, the world’s best public cloud. It brings together suppliers (exchanges and vendors) and consumers (financial institutions) and lets them contribute and consume data far more efficiently than ever before:

  • Exchanges and vendors use Xignite Market Data Distribution—running on the Xignite Market Data Cloud—to onboard their gold copydata such as historical trades and quotes, reference data and even real-time quotes.Learn more >
  • Large Financial Institutions use Xignite Enterprise Data Distribution—also running on the Xignite Market Data Cloud—to onboard and distribute their proprietary data and consume data contributed by exchanges.Learn more >

As a shared platform, the Xignite Market Data Cloud generates vast efficiencies in the way each firm and the entire industry distribute data. Financial institutions can slash infrastructure costs while exchanges can boost revenues adding value for their clients. Everybody wins. You win.