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Creating Branded, Data-Rich Mobile Applications That Differentiate

It’s no secret that we’re now living in an increasingly connected world, one where mobile devices are transforming the way that businesses communicate with customers and prospective customers alike.  Investment management firms looking to market their fund offerings and engage retail investors are no exception. Today’s increasingly savvy retail investors, armed with the latest smartphones… Read more →

Streamlining and Simplifying Portfolio and Compliance Reporting

Investment management firms are among those facing an uphill climb to conform to the regulatory requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  While legislators and lawyers are still busy sorting through the details of the controversial legislation, it is clear that reporting rules will be more stringent, requiring more transparent disclosure… Read more →

HTML5 Series- Part 2: How HTML5 Aids Mobile Financial App Development

This is our second post in the HTML5 series. There are number of new tags in HTML5 that aid in the development of mobile financial apps. In this post, I aim to explain these new HTML5 tags and how they facilitate the building of fully functional financial apps with native user experience. We partnered with our friends… Read more →