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Featured Financial Apps

8 Securities

The 50,000 customers of 8 Securities can trade over 15,000 US and Hong Kong stocks and exchange traded funds from their own personalized trading portal for $8.88. Users can also access market research and a private social network for real-time exchange of ideas.

Betterment Investing

Betterment manages your money, investments and provides sophisticated financial advice on a customized portfolio. You can roll over a 401(k) or IRA, create multiple investing goals, and easily manage your portfolio at the touch of a button.


The eToro social investing platform provides a place for investors to trade currencies, commodities and stocks online, while interacting in real time with other network members. Investors benefit from the wisdom of crowds to create a “people-based portfolio”, copying other users within the network.

Harvest Exchange

Members of the free Harvest Exchange network can post investment ideas and share their experiences and opinions to discover new investment ideas. Investors access the site to review the perspectives of hedge fund managers and advisors, and to learn from the investment education tools and data provided.

Motif Investing

Two-time Best of Show Winner at Finovate, Motif Investing uses crowdsourcing to enable investors to take concepts and ideas and create a motif, a collection of up to 30 securities that trades real time for only $9.95. The investor can then publish it to the Motif website so it is discoverable and searchable for the broader community. If other customers buy these motifs, the motif’s creator is paid a royalty.

Personal Capital

Users can monitor their personal finances on the go with the Personal Capital app which integrates with the online portal. This app features easy-to-understand charts and graphs of income, spending, and investment performance. Users can also access expert advisors for an in-depth financial checkup and personalized investment strategy.


Robinhood is a new trading app that offers users free trades with no account minimum. The app is still in beta test phase, but nearly 340,000 people have signed up on the company's website to gain early access. Using the Robinhood mobile app, investors will be able to place orders to buy and sell stocks publicly-traded companies and exchange-traded funds listed on US exchanges.


Investors using the SprinkleBit social trading platform can see in real time the motivations behind other traders’ decisions, connect with them to get tips and discuss trading strategies, track and even copy the pros to improve their portfolio.


StockTouch is a mobile app for Apple iPads and iPhones that uses Xignite data to help you quickly understand, in a stunningly visual way, the overall state of the stock market. StockTouch is the first mobile app to use its heat maps to create a real-time map of the market that investors can use to drill down further to the individual stock level. It also offers a groundbreaking interface, based on 3D gaming technology, that enhances data visualization. StockTouch is also a multiple award-winning app, which reached the #1 spot on the Apple AppStore’s finance category during its first week on the market.


With the StockTwits platform investors can instantly share ideas, news and information from thousands of real investors and traders. Users can learn from other stock traders viewing their ideas, links, charts and other important financial data, summarized within 140 character messages.

thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade

Unlike the bare bones approach of other online trading apps, thinkorswim offers investors tools, guidance, and online advice and assistance. Investors can access real-time quotes, review multi-touch charts, stream CNBC, track market events, and share ideas with other traders.

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