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By Application Type

Corporate ERP Applications

Financial data is critical to many businesses beyond Wall Street. For instance, your treasury department may need swap and forex data to help manage cash. Accounting may need comparatives for financial analysis. Manufacturing will need commodity prices for planning. If you are a public company, you will have significant investor relations data needs as well. Many businesses collect this data manually because doing it automatically is neither easy nor affordable. Xignite’s market data CloudAPIs let businesses of all sizes easily integrate timely and accurate market data into corporate applications. Our CloudAPIs can plug into any system—such as NetSuite, SAP or... Read more →

Multicurrency E-Commerce Apps

International online retailers need to make it easy for customers to seamlessly purchase your products and services in their local currency. Enabling international shoppers to shop in their local currency significantly increases sales and retention levels. If you provide currency conversion tools at the point of sale, customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart or to dispute their charges. Xignite’s market data CloudAPIs make it easy to integrate exchange rates into your e-commerce systems. With XigniteGlobalCurrencies our foreign exchange rates API, you can quickly go global and cater to international visitors: Grow your business and reach new markets.... Read more →